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What is a Bullet Journal

Ryder Carroll is the founder of Bullet Journaling. He thought it was time to create order and peace in this digital world and so he founded this new form of an agenda. Besides the fact that a Bujo ( short for Bullet Journal ) is an agenda, it is also a journal and a place where you can take notes. A form of a brain dump actually.
So you can writ down everything you need to right down. From trackers to keep on track of your habits, bad or wrong, to journals about your day to keep your best memories a live but of course also your appointments and tasks you need to do. You can go minimal or go crazy with all kinds of doodles like Amanda Rach Lee does.

My journey into bullet journaling

I got into bullet journaling through a video of Amanda Rach Lee 1,5 year a go. She is a young asian girl born and raised in Canada ( I believe ) and is so so talented. I think she is inspiring a lot of young people and she has a Youtube channel that is grown over 1 million followers.

Her doodle skills convinced me to try this too because I always wanted to be more creative. I never thought I could draw or anything but I knew my mind was capable of making amazing art, but where to start? Well this was the moment. So I bought my first bujo. The brand is called Mus. And I just started watching her video’s and recreate her work. When I thought a theme was too hard or I had an idea of my own I would make that. And so my own journey had begun

Bujo 2020

For this year I thought it would be awesome to use the constellation and the zodiac signs as my theme. This idea came to me because I saw the Archer and Olive notebooks to use and they have a Black Out version where the papers are black instead of whit. With golden markers it I thought this would look awesome.

To progress my calligraphy I will look up some fun galaxy fonts to try out. This way I will have a different font, or two, each month so I will practice that too. The drawings will be simple and minimal.

So I hope you will like what I’ll be making. You can follow my art journey on my Instagram.

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