A New Beginning

Last Sunday I turned 33 and somehow this is an age that triggered something within me. Like it is finally time to be a grown up. And that means I really need to start doing what I love and that is being creative.

Now you can be creative in many things like writing, singing, drawing etc. For me it is creating things with my hands. Like drawing, making a new vase or some body jewellery. For my job I really want to become a great designer, so drawing is something I started to learn recently.

In my spare time I’m using a Bullet Journal. This way I started to learn doodling and letting go of my fear of failing and wanting to do everything perfectly. Fact is: You can’t do everything perfect. But the fun thing of learning to let go of the feeling of wanting to do it perfect is that you just start and by that you learn to do something better.

For my birthday my husband spoiled me with an Ipad Pro and I downloaded Procreate. I imidietly wanted to start learning this program and start designing. I know have to learn a lot and I know I’m at the beginning of my journey but at least my journey really started.

Through this website I want to keep you updated. I hope you will like it and I want to thank you for being a part of that process!


My first design in Procreate

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